Friday, August 24, 2007

Thing 4

registered blog, not yet listed in participants (later appeared)

doing tracking of 23 Things in 23 Things Tracking Log in MS word

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thing 9

Here are a few library related blogs and feeds I visited:
LibVibe: the library news podcast
merlin - Maryland's Essential Resource for Library Information N
NYT Arts
PLA Blog - Harry Potter Madness everywhere
Unshelved funny - familiar with, funny
LJ News Pick of the Week book feature could be useful
It's All Good (OCLC blog) read about iPhone phones enable ebook excerpt-browsing - could prove interesting
read Emily Clasper’s post yesterday about overachievers, underachievers and motivation on & some reactions/posts from Information Wants to be Free
subscribe PLCMC's(rss feed) to Readers Club mysteries - nothing so far of interest, but it's only been a bit

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thing 23

1. favorite discoveries
favorite playing around: learning about Library Thing and taking the time to learn more about YouTube and podcasts
favorite discoveries: what was (I'd come across it before, but hadn't pursued it)learning more about rss feeds and wikis. Not much taken with rollyo.

2. My learning goal was to become familiar with the web 2.0 technologies terms and have some idea about what they were and how they'd work. 23 things accomplished this and I think this is the most valuable part of participating in 23things. A second goal was for me to look deeper into some of the things that I knew about, but only in a general, vague (rss feeds, wikis). I gained a little more knowledge about what they were.

3. A take-away was that I got to explore lots of knitting sites. The Brother Cadfael Drinking Game was worth an unexpected chuckle.

4. It would have been a good idea for departments that deal with the all consuming end of Fiscal Year to start the program in Sept. The challenges of catching up once June ended could be a bit daunting. The danger when you're playing catch-up is to have things (pun intended) run together where if you wisely do one a week, it tends to stick a bit more.

The program could be improved by having 2 options: 23 Things Lite and 23 Things Intense. Different levels of CEUs could be given. In 23 Things Lite, the Lite participant could get a brief intro and then do 1 or 2 activities for example, read about rss feeds and then create one; while the Intense 23 Thinger could do the variety of activities we did. By offering a 23 Things Lite, I think he program would attract more participants and also, more finishers. If someone felt bogged down in the Intense option, they could switched the Lite version instead of not finishing at all. Also, if you were really interested in some things , nothing would prevent you as a Lite participant from pursuing those few things in the Intense mode. I know there was an option for just 3 things, but this meets a different need.

5. It would depend solely on the program, although I do feel professionally that I should be aware of the latest technologies. Some things were fun, others just worth knowing about.

6. 23 Things offers a good opportunity to become familiar with Web 2.0 technologies If you can find the time to play around, you'll become more familiar with Web 2.0 technologies instead of just having a general idea about what they are, or do.

Completing all the activities proved time consuming. Not having some of the technologies appear right away (like waiting quite a bit before my YouTube trailer did actually appear or my online word processing sample posted) sometimes made it a little difficult to remember how I did what I did... but I did it once so I'd do it again. It just would've been a bit more gratifying...but life/technology's not perfect (nor am I).

Viewing other blogs:

looked at; saw the much mentioned Emily and enjoyed seeing Susan's Library Things selections since I enjoy seeing what others are reading; nice layout

looked at not what I expected - kermit the frog graphics & Muppets podcast - I was expecting environmental twist. The graphics here were fun! Tip for how to get trading card posted. "It's on the site and not with the text, but at least I got it there. I learned that I have to go to template and then to page element to add a graphic to the blog." could've proved useful.

looked at I do enjoy specific talk show features like NPR'S literary 5 minute spot in the AM commute so I don't miss the visuals on a podcast like than the knitting.chic might; however, I agree for knitting, you almost have to see it. Tecnorati & YouTube both yielded some good knitting videos.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thing 1

listened to podcast recognized some of the technologies mentioned (rss feeds and YouTube)
read over FAQs
not yet listed in participants (appeared later/OK)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Online word proocessing sample

Favorite of Favorites

The sub-genre historical mysteries provides some of my favorite reading. It's hard to pick favorites , but if asked today I'd say that Dead Man's Ransom be my favorite Cadfael; The Devil's Door wins as my favorite Catherine Levendeur Mysteries and The Apothecary Rose is the best of the Own Archer series.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing 22

no Ellis Peters on Gutenburg Project but Bobbsey Twins made it

there were some Irish language titles

lots of Shakespeare as expected

was pleased, but not surprised, to see Treasure Island (CCPL's On The Same Page Book VI) was available here
downloaded Treasure Island from

checked out sponsors: DPP Store for independents authors and publishers - could provide alternative resource to Marina'd bocd, authors list useful; sponsor Baen scif/fantasy resource; looked up cadfael on and Monument Valley on Internet;MobileeBooks for cells and QOOP selling stickers and posters

Overdrive Digital Media Guided Tour tutorial gave me info I didn't know:title'll be held for 1 day for you to download;smart choice of library users in photos by making the people decidedly not geeky looking;good description of DRM after download you may enjoy title wo Internet connection
listened to IntrotoNetLibrary: Noted downloading differences for computer and device(use Cd option);honest about drawbacks of manually requiring you delete files and no iPod capability

registered in Overdrive and successfully downloaded The Archer's Tale
by Bernard Cornwell and pt one of Crocodile on the Sandbank
The Overdrive process isn't really hard but... if only there was one click from the title in the catalog to an ipod

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thing 21

read about podcast winning 2005 word of the year by NOAD "a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player"

thought ninja podcast was really fun

looked around iTunes site (been there before) noted iTunesU free lectures from MIT & other universities that I didn't know about before\

went to looking for gardening plenty listened on; found an Irish language podcast on;on listened to Four Corners weather from Yahoo Podcast;listened to podcast on Navajo Creation Story All is Beautiful
listened to 1 minute intro - reminded me podcasting could be done on iPod since I've always listened on a stationary computer

listened to Nini's vodcast - I had participated in the Thomson online training for Excel and Word in the Fall

listened to some of Sue Monk Hood's podcast
liked knowing about the podcast directories as a resource

subscribed to LibVib rss feed listened to LibVib 7/19

looked at podcasts for knitting
podcasts were interesting
optional creating one - return if time permits, or more likely, when an occasion arises that I need to do one, then I'll do it